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LADYBUG sumos biológicos® is a Portuguese brand, created in the end of 2013.

The journey started with two people who for quite some time have made an option for healthy and organic food, feeling everyday the benefits of it and who dared to share their experience.

For lack of organic juices in the market, LADYBUG sumos biológicos® felt this gap by being the first organic and certified juice bar in Portugal.

Our goal is to provide an easy, simple and delicious food. Raw organic food consisting of fruits, vegetables, seeds and super foods, which often in the hectic day-to-day can not be integrated into daily diet as part of a long-term health plan, so inherent to a healthy lifestyle.

Since the conventional western diet is excessively processed, refined and cooked, it becomes even more important and necessary the consumption of raw foods (full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are lost almost entirely during baking) and they can and should be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Our juices are freshly made, no added sugar, water or ice, therefore keeping its nutritional value.

All of our ingredients have organic certification, a major influence for the benefit of our own health and at the same time, in defense of the environment, soil, water and sustainability of rural areas.

Our glasses are made from a plant fiber, totally recyclable as well as our bottles.

The store was designed based on the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and therefore has a harmonious, comfortable enviroment and invites you to linger.

We exist to bring you a variety of delicious products, loaded with energy, with minimal ecological footprint and maximum flavour, full of vitamins and enzymes.

Let your food be your best medicine!

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